Portfolio – Website Design

The Off-Ramp Project

The Off-Ramp Project is The Violence Project’s training branch. Jill and James approached me about their vision for an online violence prevention training program to put their data-driven solutions into the public sphere. They would offer multiple courses, targeted at different audiences, to train in holistic violence prevention strategies to go after the root causes of mass violence.

The pitch ended in them asking me to build the new website from the ground up, a challenge I happily accepted…

The Violence Project

I began working for The Violence Project in the summer of 2020 as a general intern, with many of my tasks involving social media and web content creation, research, and administrative organization. As my skill-set evolved, and I displayed excellence in my work on The Off-Ramp Project, I was given more responsibilities within the nonprofit.

The Violence Project launched the first version of the Mass Shooter Database in 2019, but gained nonprofit status in 2020. To reflect this change, I took their data-centric site and transformed it to represent the full extent of The Violence Project’s work…